GPH Dragon Type Six-cylinder High-Speed Precision Automatic Punch


  • GPH85/120Tons
  • goanwin
Referred to as force Ton 85(tons) 125(tons)
Ability occurrence point mm 2 3.2
Line mm 30 30
Number of strokes mm 150-700 150-600
Work desk area mm 1100×750 1300×850
Discharge hole mm 800×150 1000×200
Slide area mm 1100×500 1300×600
Modular height adjustment trip mm 330-380 360-410
Modulation motor kw 0.75 0.75
Feed Line Height mm 175±15 195±15
Main motor kw 22 37
Total weight T 18 30


Standard accessories Optional accessories
Electric Mould Height Adjustment 200 mm clip feeder
Inch positioning function 200 mm wide double-ended rack
Digital Modulus Height Indicator 200 mm wide S leveling discharger
Eight groups of batch control Rotary Controller
Two groups of miscarriage detection Hydraulic slider fixing device
Linkage and single action have positioning function at 0 and 90 C Great Slewing
Host Positive and Reverse Device
Hydraulic slider fixing device
Lubricating oil cooling circulator
Separate clutch/brake
Independent electronic control box
Working lamp
Maintenance tools and Toolboxes
Hydraulic lifting die device
Mould shifting device
Damping shockproof footrest device


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